Tulips & Rain

by admin on May 2, 2012

Greetings from the rain forest that is Italy! I think we have been under water for three months, which might be why most of Italy is so successful at growing grapes. Our grapevines are starting to sprout sturdy little green leaves. Even if we get some hail storms, the vines are still, at this point, able to re-generate new growth, so everyone is breathing easy in the Langhe these days.

In the midst of this never-ending downpour, I almost missed tulip season. I noticed tulips popping up at the florist stands and procrastinated until I was no longer able to find red tulips. You know how it is– when you want something and can’t find it, it just makes you want it all the more. Luckily, the old man on the corner of Piazza San Carlo had these beautiful yellow tulips. Here are two paintings from my tulip series.





By the way, this past Friday, on an unusual day of no rain, Manu, the kids, and I dined with friends on a Torino tram car. It is a tram car that is outfitted as an elegant dining room and it takes you all around the city while you are served a sophisticated six course meal with wine. We had an extremely good time. Below are photos of the dining car just pulling into and waiting at the tram stop lined with tulips in Piazza Carlina.