I am a dedicated oil painter and I strive to paint every day, believing that I can only improve through hard work and a strong commitment. I also am fortunate to live an interesting life as an artist. With a working vineyard in Piemonte, Italy, where I make four types of wines, and a home in Alexandria, Virginia, I have found that I can balance this all with my painting. I have been painting for fifteen years while working as the compliance director for a wine importing company, which I own with my husband.

I specialize in oil painting and find particular fulfillment in painting the images and aspects of the wonderful food and wine that is so important to the Italian culture, and farm and wine related artifacts that I find in my travels throughout Europe. From the smallest rose bud that grows along the support post at the end of a grapevine row to an old bean pot used by the farmers centuries ago, I take nothing for granted and strive to capture the beauty in all that is around me by painting.

In March, 2017 I juried into the Torpedo Factory and now paint part time in Studio 322.